Let Nakra Labs help you assess, identify and build your RFID solution. Drawing on its existing expertise, your solution can be implemented in the most cost effective manner 

Since its inception Nakra Labs has been innovating and providing solutions in a multitude of industries. Nakra Labs was founded as a  Communications Software provider. Since then it has added significant capabilities in a multitude of different industries. From Industrial Process Control and Embedded solutions to RFID product and services offering to Wireless Solutions covering the ZigBee, Bluetooth, Cellular, IoT, M2M and Sub-Gig space. Let Nakra Labs help you implement your next design in the most efficient way possible and even help you build it with our third party manufacturing partners.

Reach us to find out what we can do to speed up and de-risk your hardware and software design.

Nakra Labs offers a plethora of hardware and software solutions for the cellular, IoT, M2M and SubGig space

Nakra Labs designs embedded hardware and software solutions spanning industrial process monitoring and control applications